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Agents at the Insurance Plaza work with a variety of  property insurance carriers to find our clients the best policy and premium.


Homeowners insurance can help you protect many different aspects of your home. Most policies include some standard policy coverage, but you can also select from many optional types of coverage to help protect the things that are important to you. Contact us today for help understanding what different types of homeowners insurance coverage are available to help you protect.

Learn About Standard Home Insurance Coverage.

Taking the time to understand what types of homeowners insurance coverage are included in your policy can help you understand what it protects. Most Allstate home insurance policies include standard coverage, like:


Dwelling (home structure)

This type of insurance is what can help protect the physical structure of your home, like the walls and the roof.

Other structures

This type of insurance can help protect the physical structure of buildings on your property that are separate from your home, such as a shed or a stand-alone garage.

Personal property

Personal property coverage can help protect the belongings inside your home, which can include belongings like furniture, bicycles, stereos and more. If these belongings are stolen or damaged outside of your home, personal property coverage could also help you replace them.

Liability protection

Liability insurance can help protect you if someone makes a claim against you or sues you for damages after being injured on your property.

Guest medical protection

This type of coverage can help cover the cost of medical expenses for a person who's injured on your property.

Additonal protection

Standard homeowners policies include additional protection. One example of this is reimbursed living expenses coverage, which can help cover increased living costs like hotel stays in the event your home is uninhabitable after a covered loss.


Renters insurance

Home is where you keep the things that matter to you. Renters Insurance can help you protect that stuff if something bad happens to it or your rental. The coverage is dependable and costs less than you might think—in some cases, it costs as much as your morning latte. Get a renters insurance quote now and see how affordable it is.

Learn About Standard Renter's Insurance Coverage.

Have questions about your renters insurance coverage or need a little help? We are happy to share the knowledge. We can help you:


    Get a better understanding of your renters insurance policy and choices

    Find great savings and discounts you can take advantage of

    Make sense of the claims process and get the answers you need

    Learn about new tools that can help keep you prepared and protected


Vacant Property | Builder's Risk Insurance

Hard-To-Place Coverage is easy to find with The Insurance Plaza


The Insurance Plaza is one of the largest writers of Vacant property coverage and Builder's Risk coverage, including coastal exposures. Both programs are available for Commercial and Residential properties..


Vacant Property Program

•Minimum premiums start at $200 for property

•Minimum premiums start at $250 when including liability

•Commercial and Residential properties eligible

•Immediate quoting and binding over the phone

•Policies can be issued from one to 12 months


Builder's Risk Program

•Minimum premiums start at $200 for property

•Minimum premiums start at $250 when including liability

•Ground-up and renovation projects eligible

•$5,000 premises theft coverage available

•Commercial and Residential properties eligible















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